Natural Remedies to Consider for Anxiety

Nowadays anyone can get anxious over so many things- friends, family, money, property, bank accounts, their boss, their employers, their pay, that promotion they didn’t get and there’s so much else that causes anxiety. Being anxious is alright to an extent. For instance, it’s normal to get anxious over a poor grade or over the fact that your friends deceived you. To get anxious over small things can be dangerous and could cause heart problems, heart attacks, headaches, breathlessness, palpitations and of course, anxiety itself. Fortunately there is some sort of natural remedy for anxiety that would help you deal with the issue.

The most effective natural remedy for anxiety is exercise. When you exercise your body releases hormones, known as happy hormones, and this has a positive impact on one’s mood. Anxiety and stress is also reduced and you tend to feel more happy and relieved. Anxiety could also occur due to fear or anxiety of an illness or disease. Exercising would minimize your chances of getting affected by either in the long run which is why it is such a great natural remedy for anxiety.

Food is another great natural remedy for anxiety. When you get anxious you are irritable, hungry and anxiety also has an impact on your blood glucose level. This is why older people with diabetes are to be given special care, too. You need to eat something to calm down and get rid of the anxiety. You could go for whole foods with healthy amounts of fiber in them or you could have some dark chocolate too. It would be better to opt for foods with more fiber though because these have lower glycemic indexes which means they keep you full for longer and so, the chances of you getting anxious would be less too.

Dieting for too long can cause anxiety and lethargy as well. This is due to the fact that your body is breaking down more nutrients than it is storing. Sure, you lose fat but you would also be losing important minerals, vitamins and such like. Take a break for 10 to 14 days after every 6 to 8 weeks of dieting. This would help replenish glycogen stores and you would feel a lot fresher, better and happier once you are back on track. This is something that fitness coaches actually recommend to their clients, too.

The best natural remedy for anxiety is actually the simplest one which really doesn’t require much effort: think positively! Anxiety is something that we experience due to a negative mindset and many high-strung people get anxious more than those who are relaxed and take things as they come. Learn to go with the flow and deal with things with a calm mind. The more you panic and get anxious, the worse things would get. Just learn to deal with things positively and constructively. Anxiety would just mess things up in more than one way and this may affect your relationships in the long run too.