Best and Useful Natural Remedies for Constipation

First remember it! Constipation is not a disease, it is a problem! It may be a symptom of other disease. Constipation is what when you try to go, you exert pressure, nothing happens but pain! You feel severely bloated, crampy! There is no one reason that causes constipation. The more the causes of constipation, the more the Natural Remedies and Allopathic treatments. The best so far and much in practice Home remedies that your mom, dad, grandparents or aunt suggests! Home or Natural Remedies are safer than medicine.

Research has found out many reasons behind the problem. Such as Cancer, under-active Thyroid, high sugar, artificial sweeteners, tension, medicine side effects, fiber lacking food, dry food etc. Old age is another factor you are prone to constipation.

1- Proper Fiber Intake/Fruits and Vegetable:

Fiber is one of the best laxative that can relieve you from the cramps of constipation arrest. Starting your day with fiber rich cereal is a permanent NO to constipation. Many Bran cereal brands may contain 15gms of fiber enough to loosen your hard stool. Figs, dried apricot, butter, prunes, flax seed are the best suppliers of fiber. A proper fiber rich food not only keeps constipation at yards away but also gives immunity and fights against hypertension, diabetes, cardio problems, cancerous tendencies, obesity etc. Continuous use of one or some of the above may help to enjoy pooping!

2- Exercise and Yoga:

Exercise is such great activity that is not only help for the subject matter; constipation, but if you make a habit of exercise daily, you will stay away from all diseases. Yoga is the advance form of exercise. It’s proper, regular, professional and effective. Moreover, it has spiritual and mental engagement. Exercise actually keep your food digest in proper way and makes your bowls move properly. It stabilizes the peristalsis.

3- Water:

Water that we drink mostly discharges in form of urine and sweat but a small part is passed through stool. The more the water you drink, the more the percentage of mixing fluid with your hardened stool that loosens it. Two litter of 8-12 glasses per day is good for you.

4- Treatment:

If the problem gets serious and goes out the home or natural remedies for constipation range. You should take allopathic medicines by consulting your doctor.

5- No for Hard Diet:

There are number of diet and the cuisines that are really dangerous for a constipating gut. You should avoid all the diet which is harder and consisting of starch. Rice, Bananas, yogurt, egg, red meat, coffee, sports drinks, chocolates, sugar drinks and caffeinated drinks resulting in bloating, pain and cramps.

6- Other important tips to avoid Constipation nightmares.

Avoid flour containing food.

Maida is also stool hardener.

Chocolate results in bloating and pain. Avoid it.

Do not ignore natural call. It may result in Backlog.

Eat light food.

Unwantedly be vegetarian.

Out of the many effective natural remedies for constipation, these are the best and recommended natural remedies.