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The brainchild of a Mumbai-based Gastro-enterologist Dr Raju Kanakia, MEDIVISION represents the cohensive efforts of a team of eminent medical professionals working together to promote the Continuing Medical Education (CME) movement in India.

Before MEDIVISION, the only updating avenues open to the Indian me dicos were the traditional ones : Medical Conferences, Medical Libraries, Academic institutes, Medical Workshops & Seminars, International Medical Exchange Programmes. While almost all these media had their own lacunae; the advent of Electronic Mass Media changed the scenario. MEDIVISION was quick to take advantage of the same.

MEDIVISION took pioneering step in this direction by telecasting the MEDIVISION series. The programme (aired on DD-Metro, Wednesday at 11 p.m.) was basically a Panel Discussion where eminent medical experts were invited to join a discussion on a given topic. The conceptualisation, design and execution of the programme was highly systematic and professionally managed with a keen eye of detail and absolute accuracy of information so conveyed.

What begun way back in 1997, Medivision has successfully completed over 100 episodes. Over the years, a galaxy of leading national dignitaries, medical practitioners, experts and consultants have featured on the show. A variety of topics have been covered from Vertigo to Vitiligo, Diabetes to Dandruff, Amoebiasis to Anxiety, Migraine to Medical waste disposal. The MEDIVISION Series has closely dissected every major and minor medical issue to bring the medical fraternity closer to the truth.

Today, MEDIVISION enjoys a loyal following amongst the Indian Medical fraternity.

Growing from strength to strength, the MEDIVISION team took the successfull programme online by launching their Website www.medivisionindia.com on 14th November 1999.

As India’s first dedicated medical Website www.medivisionindia.com offers a whole new world of information for the doctor, paramedicos, medical students as well as patients.

With this the MEDIVISION Team broke the final barrier in reaching out to India’s medical fraternity and that is – interactivity www.medivisionindia.com offers much more interactivity and through the web, it reaches to a global audience of Indian as well international medical professionals.

But apart from that, the greatest blessing that www.medivisionindia.com has bestowed upon its target audience – is its mass appeal. To the MEDIVISION Team, it comes naturally. For, who knows the changing pulse of Indian medicine better than – www.medivisionindia.com !

At present the site is being funded by Medivision.

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